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Kelly's brand screams unfiltered, feminist comedy but make it "Mom".  Yes she is very pale and also her head is very large, but that's just part of her charm. 


In addition to keeping "big sunscreen" in business, Kelly pushed the boundaries of both late night and branded content as executive producer and head writer of Scary Mommy's Up Early Tonight (Streaming on Hulu). She currently serves as Head of branded content for Scary Mommy at Bustle Digital Group where she shares her award-winning humor with major brands like Huggies, Target and Audi to name a few. 


She has worked with major talent such as First Lady Michelle Obama, Kristen Bell, Keegan Michael Key, Christina Perri, and Jennie Garth. As a writer, she's written jokes for national radio stations, Fortune 500 companies, TedX speakers, professional comedians, and start-ups. Her unique voice has appeared on the front pages of, Huffington Post Comedy, and as well as Time Out New York Magazine.

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